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Dot Net :

As an experienced .net development company in Chennai, RKSOFTTECHS focuses on earning the highest level of customer satisfaction for business initiatives involving .NET Software Development, .net web developement and .NET consulting services for a wide range of web, enterprise, and mobile software applications.

RKSOFTTECHS agile software development and enterprise integration services ensure that your .NET application will translate business objectives into enterprise systems aligned with your vision. From the initial consultation through deployment and support of your .NET application RKSOFTTECHS focuses on open dialogue and creative thinking to ensure software code is flexible to future changes in your business. Our .NET developers have extensive experience in designing custom software applications that address the following.

.NET Development Services:
  • Custom ASP.NET web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Remediation – fix or upgrade existing applications
  • Application integration to legacy systems
  • Enterprise application integration services
  • e-commerce applications and integration with a wide range of payment gateways
  • Application migration to .NET, such as Access database conversions
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • .NET to PLC (Programmable Logic Control) device integration
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Integration
  • Software maintenance and continuous delivery
  • Built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) Ayoka’s .NET developers code custom applications in high level languages, including C# and VBScript, in MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) which is then compiled and converted into the native code of your legacy operating system. The MSIL code can also be compiled to native code prior to runtime which eliminates the need for MSIL-to-native compilation at run time which expedites subsequent runs. The .NET framework offers a unified development environment that supports multiple web and desktop software applications. .NET software development brings with it a programming model incorporating Web forms, server-side controls, data binding, and web services. Web forms and server-side controls work by tailoring the markup language they generate to match the client’s browser. Data binding formalizes exchanging data between controls at runtime (such as edit boxes and combo boxes) and data variables within the Web site program. Finally, Web services formalize the process of getting multiple computers talking to each other automatically using XML and HTTP (SOAP). .NET is effective for creating web services in which a machine’s software can be accessed as a SOAP server or through REST API’s.

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