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RKsofttechs is a Leading Certified Web & Mobile Apps Development Company in Chennai, India. We are the highly skilled Professional Web Design,Ecommerce,Hosting,SEO Service Provider Company in Chennai, India.

Nowadays, Web Hosting Has Become A Moneymaking Business That Gives The Sellers And Webmasters A Lot Of Scope For Modification And Creation. In Reseller Hosting, A Company Purchases Server Resources From A Parent Web Hosting Company And Resells Them As Their Own. Many Web Hosting Providers Have Reseller Plans Available At Affordable Cost. These Types Of Resellers Could Be A Company, Small/Mid-Sized Business Or An Entrepreneur, Relying On The Sort Of Web Page They Are Aimed Towards Creating.


Reseller Web Hosting India Means Buying A Server Space, Advertise It On The Web, And Resell It To Your Customers. In This Way It Can Be Beneficial For Both Hosting Firms And Resellers. Since You Are Going To Sell A Service Provided By Someone Else, Your Service Provider Gives You A Large Portion Of Web Space, Data Transfer And Bandwidth, And You Can Carve It Up And Sell It As You Wish. If You Are A Web Developer, Website Designer Or A Business Who Wishes To Invest Money In Your Own Web Space To Serve Your Customer’s While Also Retaining The Advantageous Of Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting Is An Ideal Choice To Consider. This Is A Prominent Option For You To Manage More Than One Hosting Account From A Single Control Panel. In This Setting, The Parent Reseller Hosting Provider Will Maintain And Manage The Servers For You, While You Can Focus On Your Core Competencies.

There Are Various Characteristic Available With Reseller Hosting Depending On The Hosting Provider.

Although, There Are Some Common Characteristic Often Included In These Packages:

1.       Gives you the potential to brand your own web hosting company

2.       Ability to manage your own hosting packages and configure different accounts per your requirements

3.       Huge Amount of Disc Space and Bandwidth

4.       Domain Hosting option

5.       You have an ability to pass the features to own clients such as email accounts, control panel,additional scripts and website monitoring tools offered by parent company to its client


If You Are Just A Small Business Owner Or Web Developer/Designer With Limited Resources And Are Planning To Create A Full Service Brand, Reseller Web Hosting India Is A Best Way To Do So. Most Of Hosting Providers Offer More Than 50% Off Discount On Reseller Hosting Packages. This Approach Makes It Profit-Making For Businesses To Consider. This Type Of Hosting Service Is Also A Feasible Option For Web Designers As Well As Developers Who Operate More Than One Website And Intend To Sell Portions Of Bandwidth And Server Space To Clients Who Get Websites Designed From Them. Checkout The List Of Top Linux Hosting Providers.


1.       You will get more flexibility and freedom rather than just having one account. Reseller hosting platform will give you a lot more option than of shared hosting.

2.       Forget to pay for high costs, as you are going to save more money when you will buy reseller server from any highly recommended website.

3.       With reseller web hosting account you can even set your own logo or brand name.

4.       You don’t need to worry about the server maintenance cost in case of any difficulty; your hosting service provider will cover the cost and damages.

5.       You will get much more income and you will have to spend just a little amount of your money from income you generate towards your hosting.


1.       You need to be available 24*7 to help your clients with support related enquiries

2.       As a reseller host, you have no direct control on your hosting provider, yet you are solely dependent on its success, constancy and stability

3.       If any problem persist from your host side will cause you headaches as your valuable customers want you to fix them

4.       You will need to be obsessively organized with administration, accounts and backups features

5.       Your service is only as good as your upstream service provider. If the server of your host is frequently down then you may lose clients.

6.       If you want to change your web hosting provider, then it would be a pain for you to shift the whole data and resources, clients don’t like this kind of things usually.

Lastly, Keep In Mind That Being A Reseller Host Means Being More Responsible For Other People's Important Things Like Ecommerce Stores, Personal/Business Sites And Livelihoods. You Will Need To Be Strict When Someone Violate The Terms And Rules, And Bear The Burden Of Complaints If Things Go Wrong. If You Are A Business Minded Person Then Reselling Web Hosting Is A Greatest Way To Increase Your Income Online.

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