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RKsofttechs is a Leading Certified Web & Mobile Apps Development Company in Chennai, India. We are the highly skilled Professional Web Design,Ecommerce,Hosting,SEO Service Provider Company in Chennai, India.

If You're Planning To Build And Host Your First Website And Looking For Reasonable, Economical And Efficient Web Hosting Solution, You Will Almost Certainly Buy A Shared Web Hosting Plan. Shared Hosting Is An Entry Level Service And Ideal Option For Smaller Sites, Personal Sites And Databases, Applications Or Large Sites That Are In Their Starting Stages. Shared Web Hosting Provides An Economical But Still Fully-Featured, Way To Host A Professional Website. In Shared Hosting Your Host Will Be Hosting Multiple Pages On One Physical Machine.

Also Note That, All The Resources On This Server Are Shared Between Many Websites. It Means That The Single Web Server, The Memory And CPU, The Single MySQL Databases And The Single Mail Server Are All Shared With Others. If You Are Planning To Have Large Websites That Needs More Resources, Then We Would Recommend You To Go With Advanced Services Like VPS Hosting, Cloud And Dedicated Server Hosting.


When You Start A Website For The First Time, It Is Very Tough To Forecast The Amount Of Server Space You'll Need, Or The Size Of The Pictures, Documents And Content You Will Produce. Regardless, Your Website Is At Starting Stage, You Probably Won't Attract More Visitors Or Traffic Without A Major Marketing/Advertising Campaign.

In Shared Hosting, You Essentially Host Your Site On A Server Which Can Be Shared With Hundreds Or Thousands Of Other Websites. Since All Of The Sites Are Comparatively Small Or Mid-Sized, And Require Only Few Resources, The Server Never Feels The Strain Of Hosting All Of Them Together. Since You Are Essentially Sharing The Cost Of The Service With Many Other Users, This Hosting Option Is Considered To Be Among The Cheapest Of All Other Hosting Types.

Shared Hosting In India Is An Ideal Option If You Are-

1.       Starting your first website

2.       Going to Run a small business or organization

3.       Want to do experiment with coding and web design

4.       Studying WordPress, Drupal and other key CMS applications

5.       Looking for limited budget Hosting option


Most Of The Shared Hosting Services Offer Simple, One-Click Installation/Management Options For Their Servers. While This Makes It Simple To Set Up A Basic WordPress, Joomla Or Drupal Blog Or Website, The Options Are Usually Limited To Whatever The Hosting Provider Decides To Support And, Often, More Exhaustive Customization Is Not Available. Shared Hosting Packages Bring Along With It A Lot Of Advantages. Among These Benefits Are The Following:

1.       Shared Server hosting comes much cheaper compared to dedicated, Cloud hosting and VPS Server which means that even web pages for personal blogging and small businesses can easily afford it. Shared hosting plan usually pricing below INR 299 per month.

2.       The server administration and maintenance is taken care by the hosting company which means that you don’t have to concern yourself with technical difficulties of the server.

3.       You will be provided with a cPanel (control panel) or other user-friendly application that are created to make website maintenance easiest.

4.       Option to get multiple email addresses at your own domain as well as the choice to have more than one database. While many websites share the same server resources, most shared hosting plans comes with round the clock management, maintenance and technical support that gives you uptime reliability similar to plans like Dedicated and VPS.


Despite The Numerous Of Benefits That Shared Hosting Packages Bring To Their Customers, It Also Has Its Share Of Drawbacks. These Are The Few Disadvantages:

1.       The major disadvantage of shared server hosting is the security concern that the web server encounter. Shared servers are generally prone to hacking attacks. Any kind of harmful movement that the server suffers affects the whole network of web pages sharing the server space.

2.       You may suffer from resource restriction as all other websites in the server uses the same CPU, memory, single mail account and hard drive.

3.       You may get lesser features in your hosting plan as compare to dedicated hosting plans.

4.       You don’t have the option over the software and application that you may want to use in your hosting account as you cannot use any other software apart from what is provided by your hosting provider.

Shared Web Hosting Is A Recommended Web Hosting Platform If All These Performance Parameters Are Measure Perfectly.

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