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taxibooking apps like uber and ola

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City-Taxi has 32 passenger buses, cars and limos available so that you can easily arrange comfortable transportation for large groups or a few people

Call our City-taxi center at +91 9057333222



  • Registration: Travel Agent will register the driver in his app account
  • Login: Driver can login with his phone number and OTP.
  • Dashboard: In this screen it shows driver current location on the map and online status of the driver whether he is Available or Not
  • Trip History: In this screen it has 3 screens i.e New Ride, Completed Ride, Cancelled Ride.
  • New Ride: Once passenger booked a ride then that new ride appears in this screen and driver need to accept the booking within 30sec.
  • Completed Ride: Once the Ride is completed then the completed ride appears in this screen
  • Cancelled rides: Once the passenger/driver cancelled the ride then that Cancelled ride appears in this screen
  • Online Status: It contains ON or OFF buttons . It appears in My Trips screen when the driver was in ON he is available for nearby passenger, When the Driver was in OFF he is not available for nearby passenger.
  • Feedback: User feedback appears in this screen.
  • Map view: Once the ride is started then in trip details on way button appears and after clicking on that button then Map view screen appears and in there Get direction and start Now button appears.
  • Get directions: In this the ride directions are appeared here.
  • Registration: Passenger has to register in this screen
  • Forgot password: When the passenger forgots the password then email is sent to the registered Email id of the driver
  • Login: Once passenger completes the registration then he can login with his credentials.
  • Social Media logins(Facebook and google+): If passenger has social media accounts he can login through his social media accounts.
  • Settings: In this Screen Passenger can edit his profile and can update his password.
  • Book My ride : In this screen Map will appear and once passenger turn on his location then it automatically fetch passenger location and shows the pointer in that location, there are different types of rides available i)Tiny, ii)Mini, iii)Sedan, iv)Railway Station, v)Airport, vi)Oneway vii)Outstation. Passenger can pick any of the type and price will be applicable based on the ride type selection
  • Ride Now: In this passenger has to enter his Drop off Location and then after entering he can book a ride.
  • Ride Later: In this passenger can book cab in advance with specific date and time
  • My Trips: In this there are 3 screens i.e Current rides, Completed rides, Cancelled Rides.
  • Current Rides: In this screen current booking rides appear, ongoing and new rides both will appear here
  • Completed Rides: When driver completed the ride then that ride details appears in this screen.
  • Cancelled Rides: Once the passenger/driver cancelled the ride then that Cancelled ride appears in this screen
  • User Managment: In this admin can see all the users registered in the user app and he can add new users also from the admin panel.
  • View Booking details: In this page admin can see the booking details booked by the user and admin can assign driver to a particular ride if no driver accepted the booking also for advance bookings. There are 5 types bookings. i)Point to Point ii)Rental, iii)Railway Station, iv)Airport, v)Outstation
  • Add Booking Details: In this page admin can add new booking details for any user in any booking type.
  • Cars: In this page admin can add cars for the agents at backend and it appears in the app.
  • Agent Management: In this page admin can see all the agents registered in the agent app and he can add new agents also from here.
  • Driver Management: In this page admin can see all the drivers of and he can add new drivers also for the agent.
  • Subscription Packages: here admin can manage the subscription packages for the agents
  • Trip packages: Here admin can add packages type and its prices for the different trip types
  • Coupon Management: Here admin can add coupons for the users/agent when they make payment in app they can use these coupons to get the discounts
  • Referral Codes: Here admin can manage the referral codes and it’s offers for agents/customers
  • Cities: Here admin can add different cities
  • Settings: General settings in the admin panel
  • Backend User: It is for "Backend User" management as admin can add sub admin as well to access the backend.
  • Reports: Here admin can view and download 3 types of reports, i) Total Bookings, ii)Total Agent Earnings, iii) Packages Purchases
  • Pages: Here admin can add the content pages for the app..i.e Terms and Conditions, Help pages
  • Backend User: Here admin can create sub admin to access assigned functions in admin
  • Role Management: Here admin can assign permission to sub admins to access the admin functions

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