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Refund Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy and Guidelines:

Rksofttechs, here to refund/cancellation Policies for all the online services providing to our customers. to grasp the entire details regarding our policy, we tend to request you to refer the various service level agreement. If a client willing to request for a cancellation means that then he/she needs to send a mail to , or they can send a mail regarding web or SEO services issues to our official mail address. Next our sales department team will reviews your issues deeply and find out your problem and advise you.

If the problem/issue is from our aspect, then custmuer can get activation code among one week of your time from the date of his request by our accounts team. Then more cash refund method are going to be taken care by rksofttechs team. If they didn’t receive any mail then their request won’t be thought-about valid.

Money Refund Policy at Rksofttechs:

Rksofttechs adopts to varied refund policies associated with our completely different services. For additional details please refer our individual service agreement.

If our customer are request for a cancellation to project then Rksofttechs won't guarantee for the acceptance of refund. we have to analyzed the assorted factors concerned during this project , like to verification of signed contract, Email Acceptance, signed electronically signed or physically signed between the 2 parties then solely we have a tendency to plan to opt for refund or not.
Rksofttechs isn't to blame for compensation for any dealing charges created for the project. additionally quantity send to 3rd parties for the services rendered, or any miscellaneous charges that don't seem to be retrievable for Rksofttechs.

Covered Reasons for Cancellation

Return & Refund Policy

Specification of Refund Policy

Work Order Cancellation After the client Complete the payment transaction

If we are find your refund order or Mail with in 12 hours

We will refund your money 60% of total

We will deduct 40% of the total amount you paid becoz of the costs for our team procees fee, payment gateway and accounts while returning the money to client account.

Within 1 weeks after advance payment is done

The Money refund of 30% will be Return

SEO manger, project manager and IT manger will be permistion for the day next to we get financial department confirmation. So only We will deduct 30% of the amount.

After 1 weeks from the date of confirmation

No Refund

No Refund

Possible Other Reasons to claim for refund:

If in case our costumer's pay extra amount by the mistake

We will be return 100% ammount the Extra money which is credit by mistake .

We will be Refund 100% payment after deduct Payment gateway charges.

If our costumer's do not like the Design and Satishfied from our work.

We will Not Refund any Ammount you paid.

For each project we will try our great to recognize the concept earlier than starting the work. additionally we can permit multiple iterations of the design till the customer get back happy. In case the customer don’t like the designs then we can take a seat with the customer and make the corrections for this reason. So in this situation No Refund is viable.

Work Delay”

Upto 30% of the Total Payment Made

Firstlly We have to checked all mail's & project documents, justify the issues. If we fond any issues from our side then we will return 30% ammount of the total payment you paid.

Server Side Technical Issues

No Refund

If fond a problem with the hosting and domain error from third party vendors for that we will not responsible for the losses.


No Refund

If there is a problem with the SEO issues from third party vendors then we are not responsible for the losses.